So Susie Spins

So Susie Spins

Designer yarns created from exotic fibers and  wonderful wool.

                                 A bit about So Susie Spins:

We are a cottage-based company enabling mothers to stay at home with their children.
  We are home scholars, grandmothers taking care of grandchildren, and young women just starting careers.
   Our yarns are handpicked from US and UK top-quality wool and mohair, processed,  handspun, and hand-woven into lovely throws and fabric. We utilize natural & organic  wools, super-soft US mohair in natural white and colors (NO DYES!).
  We are wholesale only, but like to work with designers & artists--doll and teddy bear,  retail shops, and home-based businesses. Please stop by and see our retail dealers for retail sales.
  Thank you for visiting our site, and here are a few things we create:

Custom Spun Yarn

Doll Hair yarn

Moh-Bear Fabric

Wacky Wool Scarves & Throws


To contact us:

Phone: 740.694.4442
Fax: 740.694.4442

6641 Sparta Rd
Fredericktown, OH 43019